Directed by: Nathan Urquhart
Released: June 2002
Preview I didn't get it when this was released, and I still don't get it today. AND I don't know what "Flink" means or is. Still, I don't think it would make much difference to this crazy movie if I did know the answers to all these questions. It's surprising that such a sub-standard movie would come from who is/was otherwise a very good director. The original intention is fair enough, but it is very poorly executed. Review by Will Cheyney.
Overall rating: 2/10 Download
Flink [358 KB]
Flink 2
Directed by: Nathan Urquhart
Released: June 2002
Preview The much superior sequel to the rather poor "Flink". This movie cleverly develops a whole world of it's own, that being the "Flink" (yup, all is explained). Once again, Nathan lives up to his name - an excellent movie from a good-old 3dmm director. Review by Will Cheyney.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Flink 2 [1.56 MB]
Search for Stanley, The
Directed by: Nathan Urquhart
Released: December 1999
Preview Though this golden oldie is not a movie to show off what graphical wonders that can be achieved, it certainly shows off how far 3dmm can be taken from the realms of a cartoon medium. The Search for Stanley is probably the best movie I've seen in terms of plot/story as it's genuinely interesting to watch and is in no way predictable. You actually want to continue watching to find out what happens next in the story - the sign of a well thought out movie. The movie has also aged very well. Unlike most action movies that look old and stale in literally months, The Search for Stanley will always remain a good solid comedy and the humor will be just as definitive. It's just one of those movies that you can't place exactly what specific thing makes it so good, but that the movie as a whole 'just works'. Review by Will Cheyney.

The only black comedy made in 3dmm (as far as I know) does an extremely good job of it. The plot follows a guy called Frank and his buddies as they try and hunt down a guy called Stanley, who did something to Frank in 4th grade that he's been wanting revenge for ever since. The movie is incredibly funny, not because of any jokes, just because of the sheer silliness of it all. It seems like nearly every character is a homicidal maniac, and with lines such as "Anyone who married Stanley deserves to die!", I was honestly nearly falling out of the chair. SATANIK does a better job of the "humorous yet disturbing" thing, but Nathan's version is much more brutal and close-up. However, it's STILL FUNNY. A guy gets hung up by a tree, dog-shit thrown in his mouth, and set alight, and you're just there laughing. There's something about it, not an innocence, but just... something that makes me burst out laughing when the characters die. And the characters are actually pretty good too. They're fairly one-dimensional, ranging from "drug addicts" to "lol we like to kill people", but it works. The voices do tend to sound the same, but the Australian accents work in the movies favour, and make the lines funnier for some reason. Anyway, this is an extremely hilarious movie, and if you don't laugh at the conclusion then you're just silly. Awesome black comedy, but don't watch it with adults in the room. Review by Tom Bown.

Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Search for Stanley, The [3.81 MB]