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Directed by: Kim Turley, Oliver Bacon
Released: February 2000
Preview An old action film combining the usual car chases, gunplay, a nuclear missile going missing, a bit of a twist in the end and all that. Now, there is a mix of premade 3dmm scenes (those that come included with 3dmm) a marvelous attempt at scenes, moving camera angles and animation. Some fairly reasonable fx also. Overall, a surprisingly impressive for a newbie's movie. Fantastic direction. Final Verdict: An inspirational movie for other newbies.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
9mm [1.14 MB]
Bob'z Bar 1: The Tramp's Treasure
Directed by: Will Cheyney, Oliver Bacon
Released: October 2000
Preview Very old movie Will and his mate Ollie did awhile ago about a bunch of tramps and their treasure-stealing habits. It all takes place among the standard 3dmm scenes and features some very weird English humor. Funny? Not all that much, no. Interesting? Nope. So why see it? Well if you're in the mood for something weird, then this would suit very nicely.
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
Bob'z Bar 1: The Tramp's Treasure [485 KB]
Bob'z Bar 2: Ruffy's Rescue
Directed by: Will Cheyney, Oliver Bacon
Released: November 2000
Preview The tramps are back and the pirates may just have their revenge this time in this continuation to the oddball 3dmm British comedy series from Will and Ollie. This was a lot more entertaining, the storyline really makes no sense at all but here Kim has done some little animation tricks and the scenes that are hand-animated are done pretty well. Hopefully we'll see a Bob'z Bar 3. When I saw BB1, I dreaded any other movies being released with this plot & characters but this is a big step forward. It's good for a few chuckles.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Bob'z Bar 2: Ruffy's Rescue [1.22 MB]
Directed by: Oliver Bacon
Released: May 2001
Preview Here is the latest movie from Oliver Bacon. It is his next action project after 9mm, and very good it is! As you can see from the pictures the scenes are very visually stimulating, and are very interesting to watch. This movie impressed me alot because Oli went for the drama aspect of movie making more than action this time, and I think it paid off! The movie is first class, showing many quality hand-made scenes. Only a couple of criticisms, that the plot was sometimes quite hard to follow, and then movie ended rather abruptly. Still, it shines as an extremely good action short.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Hatred [1.25 MB]