Directed by: Oliver Wigdor
Released: September 2003
Preview Oliver Wigdor's (aka Atlantis) movie '0050' is a disjointed attempt at an action movie. The story consists of a Double 0 agent called 0050 as he goes on many missions, even as he appears to also be a rogue agent. The story isn't very clear. For some reason, 0050 not only gets the bad guys, but everyone else he feels like killing that day. The result is a confusing story that seems to only exist to show off some hand made scenery. The scenery is well composed, and Wigdor displays a knack for text based scenery. This is the high point of the film, and it becomes simply an excuse to show off the scenery. As far as camera moves, 0050 has very few of them. The few that are there are smooth enough, but too short to gague how capable Wigdor is at maintaining smooth camera movement. The sound is also varied. The music is loud, but not obnoxious, though it does tend to drown out anything else that happens in the scene. Again, this is one of those movies that requires a quick hand on the volume control. 0050 shows promise for the young director, unfortunately, the almost nonexistant story, static camera, and mixed sound make for a poor exposition of Wigdor's scene construction capabilities. Review by Andrew Salter.
Overall rating: 4/10 Download
0050 [2.15 MB]
End of the World
Directed by: Oliver Wigdor
Released: January 2005
Preview This was Ollies first attempt at an all out epic movie, unfortunatley he never managed to get even half way through, and this was also indeed his last ever movie. From what Ollie and I discussed (so you can see what this movie was going to be about) Proffesor James (the main character) discovers a hidden message in the bible, predicting the end of the world. It becomes a race against time to save mankind from Biblical destruction. Sadly, Ollie barely got anywhere through this storyline and after he lost the huge script he made and catching a virus on his computer, he gave up. This was however a good last movie from Ollie, it had some brilliant scenery added to it giving it the magic touch of Atlantis. However not much was organised when it came to voice acting, Cal Flavel as Proffesor James will the only one you'll hear if you download this, his voice stole the show. Shame the show never ended though. Review by Ben Rice.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
End of the World [2.38 MB]
Manhunt Part 1
Directed by: Oliver Wigdor
Released: October 2004
Preview A decent peice of work here by my old friend Ollie. This short unfinished movie shows that Ollie is indeed capable of creating some beautiful scenery and handmade characters. Almost everything in this movie is made out of the expansion textures, it's obvious that this was Ollies first time using them and so he... well... went nuts. Because this movie is unfinished you don't really get the hang of the story, but some of it reminded me of Ninja Gaiden, not to mention that there are voices taken from it aswell. I also felt that the movie heavily 'borrowed' ideas from a number of other movies. Don't get me wrong though, I'm the only person (apart from Ollie himself) who knows how long the director spent on making this movie. I know because I was there. I sat right next to him helping him make the movie. However when it comes to voice acting, Ollie and myself aren't ideal choices. Although the lines were edited with echoes etc., they were still not right for the movie. This seemed alot more like an animation test then a movie but it does show what my old friend is really has talent at scenery. It's a shame he's gone. Review by Ben Rice.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Manhunt Part 1 [4.17 MB]