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KRB Revival
Directed by: Pogo
Released: August 2004
Preview A parody of the atrocious movie, Killing Ramza Brave (KBR). Director of the previous parody, 'Replay: Replayed', Pogo brings us a great little movie to our small-screens. Revival improves on the original in every sense of the meaning, ripping it apart from the ground up. It's been done in such a way that it leads me to believe that this is one of the most successful 3dmm parody movies ever. Now, I more often that not find humor in 3dmm fairly mediocre. I quickly get bored if it isn't witty, quick and more importantly, clever (there are only a couple of movies that I have seen where I can say I actually found them 'hilarious'). The empty plot apparent in the original has now been beefed up with quirky jokes and puns. Bown and Doughboy were even kind enough to do their own voicing for their characters in the film, adding to it's authenticity. A great little comedy, and a fine addition to the Film Festival.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
KRB Revival [5.22 MB]
Directed by: Tom Bown, Pogo
Released: December 2004
Preview Ah, the phenomenon that is STEEL. Birthed from the mind of troubled 3dmmer Tarssuin and his alternate personality Red Scorpion, STEEL took the board by storm and a few months after the release of the original STEEL spoof (created by yours truly), Pogo and Bown release this fantastic plastic creation, that is not only a great comedy spoof flick in itself, but one of the first films to use v3dmm the way it should be used. Pogo's definitely renowned himself the title of Spoof King, with appropriate humor and sometimes even godlike camera movements in the spoof scot's latest gem. So if you're a fan of STEEL or spoofs (or even if you aren't) be sure to check this out. I guarantee a chuckle at least. Review by Will Bamber.

A good movie here with a straight forward storyline. The killer/great fighter, STEEL, gets into all sorts of wacky escapades in this spoof written by Tom Bown and directed by Pogo. Both of them have made a good piece of work here which I recommend everyone should see and enjoy. This movie is also the first 'big' 3dmm movie to make some excellent use of v3dmm, incorporating both custom models and textures. There is alot of explosive comedy, hilarious voice acting, cool scenery and slick camera movements. Excellent job guys! Review by Ben Rice.

Overall rating: 8/10 Download
STEEL [5.67 MB]