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Holy Poop it's Christmas
Directed by: Tuna Hematoma, Qaz Askew
Released: December 2000
Preview A short, old and random Christmas movie by Tuna and Qaz (normal Tuna style then!). Despite it being utterly pointless, I couldn't help but laugh at it - Tuna's sense of humour is an acquired taste, mind. Again, as-per-usual in a Tuna flick, the voice acting is what generally drives and fuels the humour. This is quite a funny movie, but you may find that you have trouble keeping up with what everyone is talking about. It's a worthy download if you like Tunas work, or if you just want a short laugh. Review by Ben Rice.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Holy Poop it's Christmas [1.85 MB]
Directed by: Tuna Hematoma, Qaz Askew
Released: August 2002
Preview A beautifully told story of a recently deceased young man who goes back and retrospect's the last day of his life trying to figure out why he died at such a young age. He must examine his life, his friends and figure out how it all went wrong. This is an excellent movie. It contains very good scenery, moving camera and a brilliant plot. The standards of voice acting, although slightly muffled in places, are very good. It runs for a hefty 14 minutes, which is amazing in itself. The only thing I can criticise it of apart from the very colourful scenery, was the lack of sound effects for things like putting things on tables, or people talking in the background and footsteps. You can tell this was well thought out, a very intelligent movie. Best drama of 2002. DOWNLOAD NOW!
Overall rating: 9/10 Download
Retrospection [5.86 MB]