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Life of a Whore 2
Directed by: Ramza Brave
Released: August 2003
Preview Alright... now don't get me wrong, I like random humor as much as the next psychopathic banana balloon, but this was just stupid. Short movies are fine if they have a gag or something... but this was crap. Short, pointless, and utter shit. I mean this in every regard: animation, scenery, voice-acting. Everything. So unless you just want to hear the old edwardian music, don't waste your time.
Overall rating: 1/10 Download
Life of a Whore 2 [220 KB]
Directed by: Ramza Brave
Released: August 2003
Preview A movie which is actually a game. Sounds interesting, but sadly it's not really anything more than a movie with multiple endings - at least I couldn't find any other 'game' aspects. Visually, the scenery is pretty outdated. There are a few shots where Ramza actually did some nice work but overall the scenery is pretty n00bish. The animations were generally poor as well. I found the chase scene near the end plain stupid. The only redeeming feature is the movies music. The soundtrack is good. We all know that Ramza has a very large music library to choose from, so the chosen music works well with the on-screen-happenings. That's pretty much all I can say. A nice idea, but for me it failed to entertain.
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
Replay [2.62 MB]
Directed by: Ramza Brave
Released: May 2004
Preview Someone will have to explain this movie to me. I think this was a community joke and being a newbie myself I think I was probably more confused than others, but anyway, apart from that this was pretty well made. The scenery was pretty decent and in the film it made me chuckle in some places. The stupid idea surrounding a whodunit theme was rather well - stupid! It made little sense, but in all some clear effort has been put into this. Review by Richard Bevis.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Replay REPLAYED [2.84 MB]