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Christmas Rockerz!
Directed by: Red Scorpion
Released: December 2004
Preview Red Scorpions first movie ever in 3dmm history hit the Bulletin Board just a few days ago and funnily enough, manages to disappoint - he even removed the download link from the thread because of the flaming he was receiving. To put it plainly, this had no storyline whatsoever. Every scene use the 'dissolve' effect and the scenery would have appeared dated 3/4 years ago. In my opinion the only 'good' thing were the HMCs which to be fair weren't as awful as I would have imagined. Sorry Red but this is 2004! Practice more (a lot more) and come back next Christmas. Worth a download if you like seeing Santa Clause randomly shooting people on top of a building, and having to wait 5 seconds before the next scene starts; or if you simply hate Red Scorpion and want to laugh at him. Lots.
Overall rating: 2/10 Download
Christmas Rockerz! [2.25 MB]
Pain of Love, The
Directed by: Red Scorpion
Released: April 2005
Preview I want to start off by saying that this movie has the dumbest company introduction ever. Okay, now that I've got that out of the way, the scenery and HMC's didn't really go together very well, and a lot of the scenery differed in style, which annoyed me a bit. Also, I didn't understand much of what was happening. What... two guys come start punching up some guy for some reason then toss him off a bridge, pushing the guy to suicide? That was kinda dumb. And this drama also suffers from the usual 'Something bad happens so the main charater kills someone or himself with a gun and that's the end of the movie', much like 'Veteran' and 'Jake'. Not a very good film, but a bit of an improvement over previous efforts. Review by Will Bamber.
Overall rating: 4/10 Download
Pain of Love, The [1.38 MB]
Road Kill
Directed by: Red Scorpion
Released: December 2004
Preview Not long ago, Red Scorpion made Christmas Rockerz!. Unsurprisingly it was not successful and quickly became the focus of ridicule for the next few days. Shortly after, Red started this movie - and it's ALOT better. For starters (and perhaps 100% superficially), the scenery is alot better then it was in Christmas Rockerz!. Maybe this is because Tom Bown and Ben Rice lent him a hand and did some of it for him... to what extent however, I don't know. Funnily enough though, the movie did fall victim to a few classic hiccups. The most blatantly obvious problem was the difficulties I experienced sound. I found the voice acting was so quiet, that for the majority of it's runtime I couldn't hear what people were saying. Ben Rice and Pogo did the voices - both of which I know for a fact don't have mouse-like voices. Sound editing may be a little advanced for Red, however :P. Story wise, well, there much of one and some of the animation and blood effects were actually pretty decent. Defiantly Red Scorpion's best work to date.
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
Road Kill [2.70 MB]