Directed by: Robert Domke
Released: March 2000
Preview Borrowing ideas and plots details HEAVILY from the mega-budget Hollywood flick 'Armageddon', 'Apocalypse' tells the story of an asteroid on a collision course with Earth. If it were to hit the planet, it would undoubtably destroy all life in very much the same fashion that is said to have happened in the age of dinosaurs. The worlds only hope is a group of trailer-trash oil-drillers (even though no drilling is involved) who must land a nuclear bomb on the asteroid in the aim to blow it to smytherines. Hang on, when I said it 'borrows' ideas from 'Armageddon' I lied. This is the 3dmm counterpart. It's clear Domke worked hard to lovingly recreate a genuine look and feel to it. The problem is though, I think he must have lost steam soon after starting the project. The story is abreviated way too much - the movies goes from 'just starting' all the way to 'just ending' in such a short space of time. The story looses it's own substance that it worked so hard to establish in the first few scenes and all too quickly the 'o so abrupt ending is almost thrown upon us. I felt cheated and disappointed. This is a Hollywood rip-off that could have been something great.
Overall rating: 4/10 Download
Apocalypse [6.08 MB]
BAM! 7
Directed by: Robert Domke
Released: September 2002
Preview This one was good but didn't really introduce any new ideas into the series and wasn't very funny. A nice try though, at least it wasn't hideously long and boring.
Overall rating: 4/10 Download
BAM! 7 [121 KB]
Body Movin'
Directed by: Robert Domke
Released: January 2000
Preview Hehe, a very funny porno flick by Rob here. The animation is quite good throughout and very realistic in places. There are alot of hand-made characters all in hand-made scenes and considering how long ago it was made, this movie has really stood the test of time. Definitely worth a look even if you aren't horny.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Body Movin' [1.48 MB]
Directed by: Robert Domke
Released: April 2002
Preview Simply amazing. This movie memorized me, it is art. Pure and simple genius. You can't come any closer to a good art movie in 3dmm. It begins with simple lines and colours white to black, then the red is introduced. Robert explained that the positioning of the lines and shapes is random depending on where 3D Movie Maker decided to paste the new object. This idea is original and simply breathtaking. A fair amount of you will find it hideously boring, but respect the idea. The soundtrack was perfect except a drum beat getting louder or stronger could've made this movie a 10. Download now!
Overall rating: 9/10 Download
C1 [536 KB]
Directed by: Robert Domke
Released: October 2002
Preview Very very strange. If I could sum this movie up in one word, it would be 'abstract'. The style is totally unique and cool. I do like the style and music but to some people this is complete trash. A funny but predictable ending. Decent though.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Consumed [296 KB]
Directed by: Robert Domke
Released: January 1999
Preview A really good action movie here with some impressive animation. The movie follows two drug taking idiots with a van full of drugs, when they hit the road for Mexico. Drugheads has been dubbed many-a-time as the greatest 3dmm action movie ever created. Whatever your opinion on the movie though, there is no doubting that this is a 3dmm classic. Made WAY back in 1999, this movie boasts animation and scenery way ahead of its time. If you haven't seen this movie yet, now is the perfect opportunity - this shouldn't be missed.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Drugheads [1.72 MB]
Story of Xentrix, The
Directed by: Robert Domke
Released: March 2003
Preview An incredibly off-beat and original movie. This uniquely stylised movie is set in a 'digital' world following the tale of Xentrix. Robert has added some very nice touches to the movie, including 'electronic' sounding voices - very Stephen Hawkings-esqe. Wackey scenery and quirky animation make this a recommended watch. It is also Roberts 'good-bye' movie.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Story of Xentrix, The [524 KB]