3dmm Hotel Episode #0
Directed by: Tom Bown, Ryan Omega, Ben Rice
Released: August 2005
Preview I don't know if this was just me, but I didn't really think about the significance of the 'Episode #0' prefix attached to this movie. Anyone expecting a fully-fledged start to the series should get rid of the pretence immediately. This is mearly an introduction to the show - nothing short of a trailer. Written by Tom Town, '3dmm Hotel Episode #0' sets the stage for future instalments. Bown, Ben and Ryan Omega have decided upon opening a hotel in 3dmm town; much to the angst of a certain local. They arrive at the property only to find a derelict ruin. Un-flummoxed by the daunting take of renovation, the team quickly spruce the place up. There is some OK animation and the scenery was actually quite pretty - both as consistent as the other. On the whole, this introductory skit does set some fairly steady groundwork for the rest of the series to take upon, but I found the jokes, comedy and 'quirks' largely unfunny - sorry. I also didn't really get the point of including the silly DD-rip off ending, it just confused matters further. Review by Will Cheyney - 4/10.

A brief, hastily put together (or so it seems) pilot episode, 3dmm Hotel Zero stars Ben Rice and Ryan Omega who apparently are in possession of a hotel in 3dmm land which they have to spruce up. It doesnít do much more than this. The plot simply involves these two polishing up the hotel with the help of a Tom Bown robot. The comedy swings and misses. The jokes arenít funny and there arenít enough of them, leaving this as a movie that is merely a visual shell. The presentation is fast and a bit dizzying at times. Many things appear to be happening on screen, but the camera lacks focus, and sometimes whizzes past the main focus. The visuals are the showís saving grace. However, some textures are used multiple times for different objects, such as the mountains having the same texture as the grass, and some odd indoor textures. All in all, though, this is the best part of the thing. The sound is a let down. Ben Rice still has the nasty habit of breathing all over his mic and holding it much too far away. Ryan didnít do his own voice, which led to wondering why he was there at all. The music and sound effects clashed too often, with the sound effects drowning out a lot of the music. The concept of a 3dmm Hotel sounds like an intriguing community comedy concept, however, it never manages to pay off its concept, or rustle up some genuine laughs, leaving the whole episode somewhat of a letdown. Review by Andrew Salter - 3/10.

Overall rating: 4/10 Download
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