3dmm Hotel Episode #0
Directed by: Tom Bown, Ryan Omega, Ben Rice
Released: August 2005
Preview I don't know if this was just me, but I didn't really think about the significance of the 'Episode #0' prefix attached to this movie. Anyone expecting a fully-fledged start to the series should get rid of the pretence immediately. This is mearly an introduction to the show - nothing short of a trailer. Written by Tom Town, '3dmm Hotel Episode #0' sets the stage for future instalments. Bown, Ben and Ryan Omega have decided upon opening a hotel in 3dmm town; much to the angst of a certain local. They arrive at the property only to find a derelict ruin. Un-flummoxed by the daunting take of renovation, the team quickly spruce the place up. There is some OK animation and the scenery was actually quite pretty - both as consistent as the other. On the whole, this introductory skit does set some fairly steady groundwork for the rest of the series to take upon, but I found the jokes, comedy and 'quirks' largely unfunny - sorry. I also didn't really get the point of including the silly DD-rip off ending, it just confused matters further. Review by Will Cheyney - 4/10.

A brief, hastily put together (or so it seems) pilot episode, 3dmm Hotel Zero stars Ben Rice and Ryan Omega who apparently are in possession of a hotel in 3dmm land which they have to spruce up. It doesn

Overall rating: 4/10 Download
3dmm Hotel Episode #0 [4.29 MB]