Directed by: Santiago Miglionico, Jeremy Dick
Released: August 2004
Preview The combination of a fundamentally simple and well focused plot make this short an immediate hit. Jeremy Dick was the brains behind it all (written by), and Santiago was the man in the driving seat (directed by). Telling you anything about the movie's plot would ruin the experience for you, so I'll hold my tongue and you can just find out for yourself. Santiago is renowned for his eye candy, and this time round he has made extremely good use of the expansion pack. Many of the scenes are a pleasure to watch just because of their look. The attention to detail is what I love... the small things that aren't always apparent. I saw that Jaymond mentioned the traffic light changing from green to red, the smoke bellowing in the background and the shadow of the tree on the grass; these are the very ingredients which can subliminally make or break a movie! Animation wise, there isn't a lot to comment on. Most of the movement is done through wonderfully panned camera angles, but everything that is there is smooth and precise. Ramza has once again composed a brilliant musical score to accompany the action and Jaymond's voice acting shines.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Abortion [1.05 MB]
Directed by: Santiago Miglionico
Released: June 2002
Preview A pointless action movie from Santiago and it is very good. The music is good and animation and sound effects too. The only things i can complain about is two things; camera angles and voices. The camera angles is very boring, its almost only from the one side. and voices - well, they sound very childish, if you know what i mean. Other than that, its a good movie so i'll give it 6.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Assault [2.74 MB]
Santiago's Movie Compilation
Directed by: Santiago Miglionico
Released: April 2003
Preview A decent compilation of Santiago's current movie releases to date. I must admit the beginning ones are poor, but as it progresses the others make up for the start. I like the way it promotes his movies and really makes me want to see a couple again. I believe this is the main idea and it successfully achieves it.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Santiago's Movie Compilation [758 KB]
Directed by: Santiago Miglionico
Released: February 2003
Preview Made in 30 minutes, this is poo! A couple of random action/death scenes.
Overall rating: 1/10 Download
Thing [111 KB]
Toll Free
Directed by: Santiago Miglionico, Jeremy Dick
Released: April 2004
Preview It's been in the making for a bloody long time. I remember Santiago sending me a load of what he had done on this movie back at the end of 2002. I believe that then, it wasn't a joint venter - Santiago was working on this movie alone. Well since then, Jeremy Dick has joined the directing cast. Having been in production for quite some time, I was quite excited about it's release, especially as I had seen some promising stuff quite early on. Unfortunately, it fell short of what I had hoped for. The basis of the movie is how a 'children in Africa need help' advertisement is nothing more than a huge scam. It started off being relatively funny and quite clever but as it progressed it became less and less witty and and even more unclear. Eventually it became nothing more then a senseless shoot-em-up. Technically the movie is good; scenery and animation is above par, it's just a shame that I lost interest towards the end. Overall - not great, but definitely worth a look.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Toll Free [4.12 MB]