Beach with Dad
Directed by: Scott Walenty
Released: May 2000
Preview A fairly unfunny, lame comedy much like the others in the series. Dad family go to the beach, where the kid is given some leasons on how to lure girls. A black man also becomes the subject of subserviancy, playing the role of 'piss boy' for the day. I didn't think much of the voices, jokes, or scenery. Infact, I think it's rubbish.
Overall rating: 2/10 Download
Beach with Dad [859 KB]
Japan with Dad
Directed by: Scott Walenty
Released: December 2004
Preview The ever-rasist, and now almost sinister (think Duke Nukem) sounding, 'Dad' is back for other outing. This time he visits Japan. Upon arriving, he immediatly becomes involved with a little road rage. For the next 4 or so minutes of the movies runtime 'Dad' remonstates about how much he hates the 'god damn Japanese'. I'm all up for a little racial comedy, but I just didn't find this approach funny. It's mindless, pointless and ultimatly boring. Perhaps it's because I just don't get American humor. Saying that though, the movie did redeem itself a mark or two for nice use of the new expansion textures.
Overall rating: 3/10 Download
Japan with Dad [2.62 MB]