Another Bloody Gustave Movie
Directed by: Sean McGarvey
Released: November 2002
Preview A nice beginning here keeping in line with other gustave action movies. Though not much thought was put into the music alignment as it jumps and stops and starts. Other than that the action is fast paced and most bits are pretty well animated. But there is no plot and a few default scenes which stop it getting anything higher than a 6/10 rating.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Another Bloody Gustave Movie [1.14 MB]
Braindead Trailer
Directed by: Sean McGarvey
Released: April 2003
Preview Last time I checked, a trailer was supposed to give away the basic storyline of a movie, to create hype, to make the viewer say I can't wait till that movie comes out. This movie, although sporting some pretty well made company credits and a couple of good scenes, does none of this and as a result probably won't get people interested at all. What was even better is the fact this trailer seems to give the impression of not being finished due to the 'Insert Title Here' text at the point where I presume a title was supposed to appear.
Overall rating: 1/10 Download
Braindead Trailer [2.20 MB]