BAM! 13
Directed by: Shadow The Hedgehog
Released: September 2002
Preview A funny BAM! movie here. It was good to see something different happen and the ending was predictable but funny. A nice effort however.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
BAM! 13 [293 KB]
Directed by: Shadow the Hedgehog
Released: August 2005
Preview A movie by our favourite Italian 3dmmer here, and while it may not have great scenery or animation, it's heavy on the fun! The movie involves some guy escaping from prison while other people hunt him down. The voices were all in Italian, but translated well, although there were occassional cases of Engrish (Such as calling an obvious girl your son.). As I said, scenery and animation are sub-par, but the real gem of the movie is the comedy. Clearly inspired by Loony Toons, it managed to make me laugh a couple of times and was done quite well. Overall, if you don't care about 3dmm skill and just want to see a fun movie, download one of Ned Carlson's various CNCW Studios movies. Or this. It would probably make more sense to download this. Review by Tom Bown - 7/10.

Wanted is a film thatís stuck in the past, through and through. It looks old, uses default scenes, and is basically a slapstick romp. The humor, much like Chuck Jonesí Looney Toons, has its moments, but certainly not enough to outweigh the sense of laziness on the directorís part. The plot is simple: man escapes from jail, must avoid capture. This leads to many chases and scenarios increasing ever further into madness. There are some moments that shine, such as the log sequence and one well done dance scene, but the rest fall flat. Part of the problem is the presentation doesnít accentuate whatís going on. The camera oftentimes remains zoomed out for a scene regardless of whatís going on onscreen. The presentation lacks focus. The animation is decent, straying into jerkiness some times, but on the whole being acceptable. The movie falls desperately behind in visuals. The use of default scenery is the biggest complaint. The scenery that is custom made is the simplest possible, and lacking any sort of coherent design, leading us to wonder what the heck is actually going on. The sound is a treat. The film is in Italian with English subtitles, which is fun. The music is also mostly drawn from Looney Toons cartoons, which fits in well with a lot of the action taking place. However, it doesnít do enough to overcome the overall feeling of laziness. The director appears to rely completely on the random, zany humor to distract people from the technical dinosaur this movie is. It has its moments, but the end feeling canít help but hint that we have digressed at least 10 years. Review by Andrew Salter - 4/10.

Overall rating: 6/10 Download
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