3dmm Directors War
Directed by: Sims Odom, 3dmm community members
Released: November 2000
Preview From the opening titles to the final frame, this movie can be summed up in one word: awesome. One year in the making, 3dmm Director's War will go down in the history books as a 3dmm classic. Organised by Sims Odom, this movie was a joint effort by many community directors, led by Sims and Yorick Bergesma, namely; BR, Redwampa, Owen Glover, Will Maltby, Jabroni, Nick the Almighty, Twista and a pre-show movie by Jon Sapone. This is backed up by a wonderful voice crew. But what of the story? Yes, there is a story. It's an action movie story though nevertheless a GOOD action movie story. Without ruining everything, it involves a campaign comprised of a series of missions by 13 3dmmers to attack Microsoft bases and get the 3dmm crew to make a 3dmm 2. Explosions, tanks, helicopters, land battles, stealth... you name it, it's here. For the first time too in a movie, I found myself cheering the characters on. So it's over 13 MB compressed. So what. I doubt we will see an pure action/war movie of this calibre again soon. Better than Diabolical Delightment? Hard call to make. It's a magnificent show of the community's talents. Well done to Sims and his helpers on fulfilling the potential the project had from the very beginning. I also give this the SCORCHED EARTH award for best 3dmm war film. The only thing that went wrong was in Scene 106 where Will loading his gun. It stopped after Frame 2 and I couldn't get the scene to play without stopping on every frame. I went to Scene 107 manually and no further problems were experienced. Director's war reminded me of Diabolical Delightment. A huge cast of characters, extraordinary scenes and, as I said earlier, incredible animation. However, I am disappointed with Sims when it came to the soundtrack choosing for Director's War. It could have done with much more relevant and expressive orchestral music. Final Verdict: Not far from being the best movie in 3dmm. Congratulations Sims, and the rest of the crew.
Overall rating: 9/10 Download
3dmm Directors War [13.54 MB]
4 Days
Directed by: Sims Odom
Released: August 2001
Preview In the tradition of excellent Odom dramas comes this one 12 hours in the making. Sims Odom has put a lot of work into the animation with moving camera and nice-looking handmade scenes & the characterisation is also very good. Matt McGowan has done a great job too with the voices. All in all, something that everyone should strive for. In the opinion of this viewer, Sims and Snell set the standard for short 3dmm drama and take some beating; consider that a challenge.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
4 Days [1.30 MB]
McZee's Nightmare Clips
Directed by: Sims Odom
Released: November 1999
Preview Back in the day, this was a bloody amazing movie. I remember it being very funny and well paced. Movies rarely make me laugh out loud, but this one really did. This is definitely, in my opinion, one of the greatest comedy movies ever created in 3dmm. There are just a few little niggles which stop it from being brilliant. By today's standards though it really doesn't cut it - but for anyone who can appreciate this, it'll bring a nostalgic tear to your eye. Review by Will Cheyney.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
McZee's Nightmare Clips [2.35 MB]
McZee's Nightmare Clips 2
Directed by: Sims Odom
Released: December 1999
Preview This is, obviously, the sequel to the much loved 'McZee's Nightmare Clips'. Following suit, it contains some hilarious 'gold' 3dmm moments and the well judged pacing makes a welcomed return. There is no story or plot to speak of - just like the original - but is arranged in a series of clips. More of the same hilarious stuff. Review by Will Cheyney.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
McZee's Nightmare Clips 2 [2.75 MB]
New House, The
Directed by: Sims Odom
Released: July 2000
Preview Another memorable short comedy film from Sims, with reasonable animation and sounds.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
New House, The [291 KB]