Pointless Gustave Action
Directed by: Sorcerer
Released: September 2003
Preview This was a surprise release by the director himself. It wasn't even entered into the Film Festival, but Sorcerer saw it fit to show the community his efforts without permission from Mr. Leigh McDonald! Anyway, it seems to have been accepted as an official FF release now, so on with the review! I don't think anybody even knew this guy was registered on the BB prior to this release. This guy might be new, but his skills are quite good. I was expecting something with default scenery and midi music but this guy obviously has done some good research before actually releasing anything. The movie has custom scenery, slick animation and some nice music in the background. It's short (maybe a bit too short for my liking) but all in all there really isn't anything wrong with this movie. I think it's fair to say that we can expect some great stuff from this guy in the future.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Pointless Gustave Action [1.75 MB]