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Delivery Boy
Directed by: Stefan
Released: May 2003
Preview By the looks of things, this has been heavily inspired by the likes of DD. You will probably have to rewatch the movie a couple of times before you actually get to grips with what's going on, and even that wont guarantee a complete clear-up of your confusion. It's short, pretty solid but too jumbled.
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
Delivery Boy [1.22 MB]
Delivery Boy - Special Edition
Directed by: Stefan
Released: May 2005
Preview Being the perfectionist that I am, I just happened to pick up on the small details which were out of place in this movie, and there were quite a few. The titles were not in line and the camera work was pretty lousy. The one other thing which really killed this movie for me, was the horrendously bad character movements used. The scenery was also extremely basic, nothing much used even though it was hand-made. The plot of this movie would be ruined if I spoke too much about it, but basically it's a man hunting down a delivery boy, which isn't too bad a plot and could have been extended further. Generally the movie wasn't bad but was let down by surreal motions and scenery which posed buildings as large colourful blocks. Review by Richard Bevis.
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
Delivery Boy - Special Edition [1.19 MB]
Room 136
Directed by: Stefan
Released: August 2003
Preview A short by our good friend Stefan, and it was pretty decent! It's about a divorced man who (obviously!) wants to kill his family. The movies voice acting was excellently done. The scenery was dark and sort of cell shaded... It was also very nicely done. Not bad at all. Review by Ben Rice.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Room 136 [564 KB]