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Dominos (unfinished)
Directed by: Travis Wells
Released: October 2003
Preview Short, stupid, and confusing. Three words that best describe this movie. The main jist of the story is basically some guy getting mad at Dominos pizza so he gets a coupon for a free pizza. After this part though I got completely lost because the movie moved way too fast and just ended in the middle of nowhere. Not many sounds, no music, jerky animation, bad directing and horrid scenery. What's worse though is that there are word boxes instead of actual voices, not like that would have mattered though cause the movie moved too quick that even voices couldn't have saved the plot. I'm assuming this guys a newbie though so I don't wanna go all out. Better luck next time.
Overall rating: 2/10 Download
Dominos (unfinished) [283 KB]
Directed by: Travis Wells
Released: March 2002
Preview A new show by Travis. Actually, its not a show, its a waste of time. What the hell was this?! Terrible voice-acting. It has some funny bits, but thats all. And, remember if you are in one of Travis's shows; don't blow in the microphone!
Overall rating: 3/10 Download
Geopardy [498 KB]
Smeg Show, The
Directed by: Travis Wells
Released: May 2002
Preview From the creator of Geopardy (and various 'lil 3dmm apps), Travis presents 'The Smeg Show'. It starts out with a "interview" with himself, then alot of other sketches like The Poem Night and Why dosent we have subtitles and stuff. Boring. "Enjoy" this movie with 105 voices.
Overall rating: 2/10 Download
Smeg Show, The [2.42 MB]