Guesthouse, The
Directed by: Alastair Lochan, Trevor Lochan
Released: July 2002
Preview A very good attempt at a horror movie. Strangely, it works very well, and is incredibly watchable. The story is pretty bog-standard horror stuff, where a man is stuck in the middle of nowhere and stays in some kind of enchanted/haunted guesthouse. It could have been a lot better if the directors had just polished it a bit more. For example, they could of added more eerie music to add to the atmosphere and stuck a few original sound effects in there. A lot of the time it was silent and some of the sound effects interrupted each other, canceling the other out. The scenery was extremely basic and animation wasn't exactly fluid, however, I liked the little bits of insanity that were added. The old women suddenly brushing past the camera was great - adding a great deal of 'scariness'. Overall, not bad and quite watchable, but if a few minor things had been seen to, it could have been much better.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Guesthouse, The [708 KB]
Guesthouse Preview, The
Directed by: Alastair Lochan, Trevor Lochan
Released: August 2001
Preview A boring preview here of this upcoming horror movie. The music is very weak, the camera movement is crap (sometimes objects just stay still while others move) and the effects are dated. Doesn't give away much. I guess it's just about a grandma killing people or something. Watch those grannies! Not really worth downloading.
Overall rating: 4/10 Download
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