Ghostline & Edsallor Compilation
Directed by: Cal Flavell, Tristan Orr, Rudi Edsall
Released: July 2001
Preview Another nice compilation movie which brings together animation showpieces from these three director's films as well as some original action made specially for the preview. It's all very action-packed and hopefully these three will work on some projects together.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Ghostline & Edsallor Compilation [2.31 MB]
In the Name of Christ
Directed by: Rudi Edsall, Tristan Orr
Released: September 2000
Preview AWESOME work from newbie directors Tristan and Rudi; only thing is, they're not really newbies it seems cos they've been working on this for nine months! Only thing about it is, for a serial killer movie, it could have shown some more murder scenes actually being committed. Nice job, buddies.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
In the Name of Christ [974 KB]
Operatives 2, The
Directed by: Rudi Edsall, Tristan Orr, Rick Trimble
Released: August 2004
Preview This is the real release of 'The Operatives 2'. A couple of months back Rudi, Tristan and Rick released a 'joke' version of this movie, confusing me somewhat. Anyway; short and sweet sums this up nicely. Other than Andres' yet-to-be-released 'Satanik' I don't think the XIII style comic-book feel has been done in 3dmm before. It was really neat to see such a style in a 3dmm movie. 10/10 for originality then. The custom scenery and the animation were both very good, and they had a few imaginative techniques to show off. There weren't many voices, but those that I did hear were good. The echoey effect magically made it sound professional. Music was also good, and the song suited the gunfight, in a very strange... twisted way. So yeah, a really good movie here despite it's length, or rather, lack of thereof. But it was apparently rushed for the film festival, so meh. Go watch!
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Operatives 2, The [1.39 MB]