Directed by: Warren Wagner
Released: August 2005
Preview A very short, pretty shallow movie with nothing more than it's face value. A submissive protester is thrown into the same cell as a rapist and tries to strike up conversion. It quickly becomes obvious who the rapists next target is going to be, and the protester quickly (and bizarrely) accepts the inevitable without much thought. The score music made for a nice opening, yet I felt that the abrupt cut-off was a little unprofessional. The voices were fairly well handled for their roles, but again, in an unprofessional manner, the dialogue seemed a little stiff. Despite all these negative aspects I have mentioned, I would still suggest this for download. It's short enough to be perfectly watchable, finishing before it becomes a drag. Review by Will Cheyney - 5/10.

Warren Wagnerís gift for offbeat, Indie style shorts continues with Protest. A man arrested in a political protest meets his new cellmate who happens to be a rapist. What follows is a display of psychological panic and outward struggle at calm. It works. Itís an uncomfortable story that is suspenseful as well. The film takes place in one room, so the presentation relies on static cameras and tight close ups. It could have done with a pan or two, especially when dealing with close ups of the rapistís face. The single set does its job, benefiting from being well designed. The music is abrupt to end, but I found it fitting with the way the movie ended. There is a distinct lack of ambient sound effects, which, given the prison setting, might have helped matters. All in all, this is a fascinating little short that could have benefited from some extra production, such as camera angles and a little more sound, but for itís type, it definitely strikes a chord. Review by Andrew Salter - 7/10.

Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Protest [2.01 MB]
Totalitarian Blueberry, The
Directed by: Warren Wagner
Released: April 2005
Preview This entire movie was written and created in 4 days. Set in black and white it tells a funny story about a guy making a huge deal over a blueberry on the floor in front of him. Warren's sense of humor is... interesting, yet is still enough to make you laugh at something so random. The scenery was pretty simple and all in black and white thanks to the magic of v3dmm. I noticed that a lot of detail was a quite badly constructed, but there is/was nothing major to complain about. There were some nice references to his obsession with the blueberry littered throughout the movie. The voice acting was also pretty decent. It had lots of expression, Sammy did a great job with that. The animations... well there wasn't really anything actually "animated" apart from the blueberry getting squashed, but on the whole it was fairly simple. Overall, I enjoyed this funny yet, very random movie. For those in need of a quick laugh, download and you might find that you enjoy it. Review by Ben Rice.

The Totalitarian Blueberry is a concept move, so it won't be getting the full-out review, just so you know. Blueberry boasts a custom palette and soliloquy based humour to carry it along. While a good setup for a concept movie, and certainly impressive given it was created and completed in 4 days, it suffers from stale camera angles and fairly obvious dialogue. A man is obsessive-compulsive, and is bothered by those little things in life, and boy does he let us know it. Wagner seems to know all the ins and outs needed to portray this sort of disorder, but his writing is heavy-handed, optioning for the obvious rather than the subtle. The internal monologue works well enough for its purposes, but it lacks the opportunity for the audience to figure out the problem. This would make a great scene inside a movie, I suppose, once the audience has learned more about the character at hand. Then there might be more of a chance to find out the problem rather than have it fed to you. The movie is presented with a custom colour palette, boasting the technical powers of v3DMM. The only colour is blue, a device borrowed from such movies as Schindler's List, Pleasantville, and Sin City. It works well for the storytelling purposes. The bother is some of the camera angles become overly repetitive. In some movies, it's good to have the camera move, in some it's not, but this isn't one of them. For some scenes it works well, but others scream for some panning effects. There is one zoom that utilises the cam-pan feature of 7gen, but it comes off as jerky in the end. Warrens style is all there, though. This movie succeeds because the lack of camera movements clearly feels like the director's intent, not just some lazy method of moviemaking. The camera belongs to Wagner, and it shows. From an artistic perspective, I disagree, but he doesn't. The star of the show is the custom palette. The implementation really adds to the feeling of being inside the character's head in ways that otherwise would have necessitated much more work. Other than that, the visuals are pretty basic. The concept is key here, and because of it, one can ignore the 2000-like visuals. Two words: Sammy Sagitarius. Sammy's delivery of Wagner's script is spot-on, and, I'm sure, just what the director ordered. Sammy draws the audience in with the sometimes frenzied tone of the character. His portrayal helps to build towards a climax, as he starts of calm, but slowly descends into further madness before completely freaking out at the end. It's hard to form a full-length review on this sort of movie, so I didn't try to. Blueberry is a solid concept piece, but lacks in cinematic aspects. It's a worthy download to see a short, funny, and effective demonstration for v3DMM. Review by Andrew Salter.

Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Totalitarian Blueberry, The [3.46 MB]
Wisdom Tooth Episode 1
Directed by: Warren Wagner
Released: August 2004
Preview I had fairly high expectations for this movie, and I wasn't disappointed. The plot follows a man called Dale who finds out he has about a year to live. He decides that he's not going to die having achieved nothing. The scenery was suprisingly good considering the director. The voices were also very good, with a couple of exceptions. A recommended download.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Wisdom Tooth Episode 1 [6.25 MB]