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Molotov's STEEL Parody
Directed by: Will Bamber
Released: August 2004
Preview A spoof by Molotov, this is based on Tom Bown and Pogos movie STEEL (Well derr!) It's easy to tell that Molotov was purposely made it look crap. Only download if you have a burning desire to watch a really rubbish spoof movie. Review by Ben Rice.
Overall rating: 1/10 Download
Molotov's STEEL Parody [205 KB]
Room 106
Directed by: Will Bamber
Released: October 2005
Preview The Fright Fest 2005 kicks of with a short horror tale by Mr. Bamber, about a man locked in his room in a abandoned hotel speaking of why he is trapped and telling of his ways out. It is a rather dark story of murder and the atmosphere of it is kinda creepy. I know for a fact that horrors are Molotov's speciality. It has some very horrific scenery and the voices and textures use really blend into the Film Fest of All Hallows Eve indeed. Sadly, the ending was a bit of a let down and is rather random - it'll definitely make you jump. Another downside is that this movie is quite complicated and I had to watch it about 3 times to understand it, doing the same should help you get the picture and allow you to appreciate the movies writing subtleties. This is a fairly good entry into the Fright Fest, download if you want a good, albeit confusing, scare or just love the spirit of Halloween! Review by Ben Rice.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Room 106 [2.42 MB]