Assassin @ Vivalavova HQ, The
Directed by: Xclexski
Released: August 2001
Preview Not another assassination movie I hear you cry! As with all the assassination/sniper movies, a community member is being targeted - the title usually always tells you who. They are then pursued until their life is brought to an end. Well, that has explained what this type of genre is all about, what about the movie? Well, I have seen several movies of this genre, and to be honest a lot of them are pretty lame - poor scenery, jumpy animation etc. etc. This movie is great though! The scenery is awesome, and excellently detailed (particularly the choppers!!) and for the majority of the time, the moving camera is slick and smooth. The special effects are great! I particularly like the searchlights lighting effects on the hedge's. A bloody marvelous assassin movie. Download now!
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Assassin @ Vivalavova HQ, The [1.45 MB]
Jimmy Deans Highly Homosexual & Mega Magical Christmas
Directed by: Xclexski
Released: December 2001
Preview Now that title is a mouthful! Xclexski made this last year apparently but never released it properly. It shows it's age because it is based on community happenings this time last year. Basically, a load of people called Jimmy Dean an attention grabbing whore, and this movie acts on this showing Jimmy's latest "attention grabbing" scheme.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Jimmy Deans Highly Homosexual & Mega Magical Christmas [2.27 MB]
Life of Baofu
Directed by: Xclexski
Released: July 2002
Preview Hehe, extremely funny movie if you ever came into contact with Baofu on the bulletin board. The movie is well directed although using default scenes for most of the time. It managed to keep my attention constantly for the entire length and I didn't get bored. You can tell Xclexski is a good director, the last scene shows his custom scene making very well. This is a recommended download for anyone that's heard of Baofu, it made me fall over laughing anyway...
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Life of Baofu [2.91 MB]