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Directed by: Matt McGowan
Released: December 2000
Preview It's the 3dmm movie based on the Hollywood movie based on the comic book series. Wowee. And when I saw the preview, I thought that this was going to be something special. Sadly, this is a classic example of a movie not living up to the preview. I could tell from the opening schoolroom scene set in 1947 with the 1990's song 'Gangsta's Paradise' playing. I mean, come on, it was just inappropriate. And when the teacher sees Magneto use his powers, all she does is throw him out of the classroom... AS IF. Now the whole movie is in widescreen for the entire movie which is annoying and there's no plot to really speak of, Senator Kelly launches a bill that makes it compulsory for Mutants to register (sound familiar?) and the X-Men go to attack his headquarters. This weak plot is compounded by the poor characterisation and cardboard-style script so much so that at the end where someone is in danger for his life, you just don't care. Some effects look quite good but overall, this movie is very disappointing. At least he assures us there won't be a sequel.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
X-Men [6.29 MB]
X-Production Showcase
Directed by: Kim Turley, Joss Turley, others
Released: August 2001
Preview This movie came as a surprise for me. I went round to Kim's house one day, and after watching a couple of 3D movies, he said, "Oh yeah... my brother made this the other day....". To be honest, I wasn't expecting much, as the only things I have seen made by Joss (Kim's brother) in 3dmm, were amazingly detailed gun stills, or short animation's of custom characters. But, when the movie started, I was pleasantly surprised. The movie is basically a showcase of scenes from films made by either Kim or Joss Turley, Oliver Bacon or I, with music dubbed over the top. And it works... A complaint I do have about it however, is that, in the original version I saw, the dubbed music was the theme to 'The Patriot', which worked well. But for some reason Kim got rid of it altogether, and replaced it with several trashy rock songs. Having it in wouldn't have gone a miss ;) Its a hard movie to rate, because it isn't really a movie as such... it's a showcase! But, never before has a 3dmm movie company looked so good.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
X-Production Showcase [1.76 MB]
Directed by: Fredrick Arnoy
Released: September 2001
Preview This is a great little short here, by Fredrick Arnoy. It's (I think) about some clumsy undercover guy, who gets caught in a warehouse by whoever he is spying on. Pretty nice self-made scenes here, but the animation is a little jumpy, and a pretty vague story line. Good audio. Would make a great full length movie some time.
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
X-Treme [1.94 MB]
Xiao Xiao Rage
Directed by: Stuart Laws
Released: April 2004
Preview This was pretty cool. Based on the infamous Internet cartoon, this is a 3dmm incarnation aptly titled 'Xiao Xiao'. Following along the lines of it predescor, a ninja-clad stickman beats up people. In all honesty, I thought this was going to be absolute poo, but it was actually pretty cool. The animations were on the whole, fairly slick. More of an animation test than a movie, mind. Review by Will Cheyney.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Xiao Xiao Rage [2.88 MB]
XMAS 2002
Directed by: Rick Trimble
Released: December 2002
Preview A nice idea for a movie, where you get to choose an ending. Rick made an introduction and two different ending scenarios. After you have watched the first part you are asked to decide whether you would like endings one or two. Cool ideas, nice animation and a recommended watch.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
XMAS 2002 [1.93 MB]
XMAS 2003
Directed by: Rick Trimble
Released: December 2003
Preview Last year we had XMAS 2002 from Mr. Trimble. Aptly, we have XMAS 2003 this year! Following suit, this movie works just like the original. Included is the first part of the movie and two endings - you choose which one you watch first. It's a nice idea. Anyways, this year an absent-minded mistake accidentally ruins Christmas. Download. It's a nice 'lil watch.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
XMAS 2003 [1.66 MB]
XMAS 2004
Directed by: Rick Trimble
Released: December 2004
Preview A bonus addition to the Winter Film Festival 2004. XMAS 2004? That's three years running! Commendation to Rick! This time round it's Christmas again, but where is all the snow? Working in exactly the same way as the previous two movies, you are given an introduction movie and the choice of two different endings (included as two separate movie files). Rick's made use of some nice custom textures and props. v3dmm and the expansions are required.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
XMAS 2004 [4.28 MB]
Xmas R0x0rs!
Directed by: Fingers
Released: December 2004
Preview Hmm. This was ok... It was very simple, yet I found some bits pretty funny. It's another 'Christmas Rockerz!' spoof, retelling the story with all the default 3dmm 'stuff'. Essentially, it takes the piss out of our very first 3D Movie Maker movies back in the days of 3dmm-old and in the process insinuating something about the directing skills of Red Scorpion. Just a bit fun, nothing hilarious or mildly spectacular.
Overall rating: 4/10 Download
Xmas R0x0rs! [659 KB]
Xtreme Phase
Directed by: The Mankind
Released: August 2000
Preview There seems to be a lot of crime fighting, gang fighting, mafia fighting etc. etc. movies around the community with no plot development or plot at all. This makes them boring. Dead boring. Most of the movements in Xtreme were very fast paced and hard to follow. Final Verdict: Not too bad but needs more work. This was rejected by, why I don't know, its pretty good.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Xtreme Phase [327 KB]
XWHCW (Xtreme World Hardcore Wrestling) 2nd Preview
Directed by: Joshua Anger
Released: August 2001
Preview Many people will probably slate Josh for this, saying that he is copying Nick's forthcoming movie 'Wrestlemania 5000'. However, Josh said that he would like to stress that this isn't the case. As you could probably guess, being a wrestling movie, the movie is about wrestling. And that's about it. The ring and arena are very well detailed, using the 'crowd trick' to great effect. Character animation is superb. This movie looks like it will be great, and will be an excellent alternative to Nicks Wrestlemania 5000. A great preview - download now.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
XWHCW (Xtreme World Hardcore Wrestling) 2nd Preview [1.11 MB]